Cat Racer 74 – Custom Munny for Ultra Pop Show 2015

Custom 8" Trikky from Kidrobot®. I wanted to do something cuter than death robots and angry vikings, so this is it. I was inspired by race car paint schemes and the characters from the animated feature, "Big Hero 6".

I nearly ruined this thing. I was going for a super smooth and symmetrical look and spent nearly all of a Saturday trying to make it happen. I baked it like I normally do, but for some reason I set the oven to 350 degrees. Super Sculpey is supposed to be baked at 275! I guess I was thinking of the Bagel Bites I made for my son earlier in the day! I just cranked that heat up... and learned that vinyl toys will indeed melt . After about 13 minutes in the oven, the thought hit me hard, "OMG what was I thinking!?!". I rushed down to the oven to find my guy had collapsed on the pan, as his legs had melted nearly all the way down to a lumpy, brown mess. Still gives me an ill feeling thinking of it! Anyway, I panicked and tried to act fast. I trimmed off the melted spots and after it cooled down, started to resculpt. Ended up, his legs nearly melted off and about 75% of his face was damaged. I'm happy with how it all turned out, but wow, what I learned a lot during this production.

cat-racer-74_01 cat-racer-74_02 cat-racer-74_03 cat-racer-74_04 cat-racer-74_05 cat-racer-74_06 cat-racer-74_07