Cybermunny – Model 74 – Custom Munny for Ultra Pop Show 2015

Cybermunny - custom 4" Munny. I used all kinds of random electronics to create the cybernetic, robot look. Inspired by the anatomical work of Jason Feeny, I thought it would be cool to do a similar take on the Munny, but as a robot. I have the other half of this vinyl figure so I've started on a second take on this... more to come in this style!

I also did a custom box for this figure, complete with laser etched, sliding acrylic lid, and custom made foam insert. Normally, before I do a custom toy, I'll make lots of sketches. With Cybermunny, I just started digging through junk parts to find key pieces that would help define his look. Took far less planning than I normally do, but I'm very happy with the result, plus I enjoyed the spontaneity of it.

Funny little story: I always show my favorite works of art to my wife for her reaction — she's a hard sell! She wasn't really interested in this guy at all (however she does love my "Lil' Viking" custom). Later I showed Cybermunny to my friends, and after retelling this story, their reaction was: "Phil, your wife doesn't live in this world. We live in this fantasy world and we love it! Cybermunny is cool!" So just a helpful reminder that it is good to have balance in all things. :)

cybermunny-01  cybermunny-05 cybermunny-06 cybermunny-07 cybermunny-08 cybermunny-09 cybermunny-10 cybermunny-11 cybermunny-02cybermunny-12 cybermunny-13 cybermunny-14